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50PlusCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Report (www.50PlusCareerFit.com)

7 Dimensional Traits
“All great institutions must advance with time in order to keep pace with man.”
Thomas Jefferson

You’ve been in the workforce for 30 years or more. 

Sometimes you feel like an institution!

You’ve come a long way since carbon paper, rotary telephones, and adding machines.

  • If someone asked you what your enduring personal operating strengths were, how would you respond?

  • If you knew your Strengths, would you know how to apply them in the continuously evolving environment of 21st century work?

  • Do you know your work related Challenges or do you just think you do?

  • If you had such awareness, would you know how to apply it in your work world?

  • You’ve proven that you can be productive, and earn a “living”.

  • Are there more fulfillments to be had from the world of work?

You can Energize your Career Fit with the eCF 50Plus online assessment product.

Whether you want to make a career change, grow in your present position or build a better resume, eCF assessment tools can help you answer these questions and more.

The online work-based eCF 50Plus Personal Style Inventory is designed to measure the personality traits critical to performance at work. Immediately upon completion of the 50Plus Personal Style Inventory, your individualized 15-20 page 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report will be generated and presented online. The 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report focuses on your personal operating Strengths, Challenges, Optimal Work Situations and Suggestions for Development. Your Books and Links section is generated based on the results of your assessments. They are focused to easily lead you toward expanded knowledge concerning your personal traits.

Why Should 50+ People Take the eCF 50Plus Online Assessment Product?
Even though most people think they know their personalities well—and at mid-life, people probably do know themselves better than they ever did before—there are two reasons why the following feedback may provide them with new information and fresh insights.

First, in this report, personality traits are measured in terms of norm groups. The person who thinks they are mildly optimistic may find that they score as pessimistic when compared to other people in middle-life (the norm group against which results are compared in the 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report).

Second, the 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report offers people the opportunity to think about the implications of their personality traits for this particular stage of life, implications that can be very different compared to those for someone in, say, their 20’s or 30’s. For example, being highly work-centered at age 60 is a different experience, with different meanings and outcomes, than being highly work-centered at age 30.

The 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report can give you a picture or a snapshot, if you will, of yourself at the middle-life crossroads. You will be encouraged to use the information contained in the 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report to help you take stock of yourself, consider work-related choices, and decide where you want to go from here.

Although middle-life used to be associated with winding down and preparing for a quiet retirement, for those of us reaching this life stage in the 21st century, it is more a time for pause and reflection before we gear up and head out in new directions. It is a time to let go of old life projects, and a time to consider where we next want to use the valuable talents and skills we spent in the first half of our lives. The 50Plus eCF Personal Style Inventory Report can help you plan for the best ways to manage your career at this stage in your life.

As people live longer – and work longer – there is increased member interest in career management issues such as:

  • Multiple/successive careers where people decide to revitalize their career by shifting to a different line of work in their mid-life years.

  • Phased retirement where people consider new life roles as they prepare to leave the workforce.

  • Retirement planning for how people will manage their lives after leaving their primary life’s work.

  • Volunteering activities that can bring added personal fulfillment to those who need to remain involved after they have finished “earning a living.”

The eCF 50Plus online assessment product is based on a thoroughly validated 55-item eCF Personal Style Inventory that takes most people 10-15 minutes to complete. Available on the Internet, the 50Plus online assessment product can be completed whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

Immediately after you complete the eCF 50Plus Personal Style Inventory, your customized eCF 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report will be available, and it will remain available on the Internet for at least one full year. Read through your 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report to gain a basic understanding of the results; then go back and read it again when you want to look for added insights. After you and several of your friends have generated your 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Reports, you can go back again and look for commonalities and differences among your group. 

The eCF 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report gives you a wealth of information:

Your Strengths:  Most people need to review the “success themes” in their lives so that they can capitalize on those features and apply them in new ways during the second half of their lives.

personal Challenges:  Gain insights on how your personal style may be undermining your efforts to find new pathways in life.

optimal Work Situations:  Learn how you can create optimal work environments.

Suggestions: What things do you need to be concerned about so you can avoid difficulties as you make changes in this stage in your life.

Additional Readings:  We offer a personalized list of books and links to educational websites that will be of interest to those of you who want to pursue additional investigation and self-exploration. The entries on this list are customized based on your own personal style traits.

Here is an example of the graphic summary showing a highly “Work-Centered” orientation. Brief descriptions of all of the traits appear at the end of your 50Plus Personal Style Inventory Report. 







Work is one of many commitments in your life, along with leisure, family relationships and friends. You put your energies into and derive most meaning from non-work interests and pursuits.


Work is your top priority. Other aspects of your life may be important to you, but work and career absorb the largest share of your energy, identity, thought, and time.

 Here are the seven traits measured by the 50Plus Personal Style Inventory: 




Preference for Stability


Preference for Change







Emotionally Reactive


Emotionally Resilient




Non-Work Centered



Who might be interested in the 50Plus eCF Personal Style Inventory Report?

  • Individuals planning the second half of their lives.

  • Retirement Planning Specialists who need a tool to give individual workers’ tools for planning the retirement process and ideas for how they will deal with “life after work.”

  • Consultants who deal with career development programs, corporate downsizing or individual career counseling for people in the 50+ group.

  • Groups such as business executives that include people planning for retirement.

  • Social groups that may be looking for a tool to facilitate personal growth and development.

Whether you want to make a career change, grow in your present position, or plan for success after retirement from the world of work, eCF online assessment products can help you answer these questions and more.


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