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eCF CollegeToCareerFit (www.CollegeToCareerFit.com)

10 Dimensional Traits
Moving from college to work successfully calls for self-knowledge. Learn about your personal style and how your particular personality fits in a work environment. Know your personal strengths so you can make decisions that result in a best-fit work situation.

Understanding and utilizing your enduring, personal operating strengths can make a difference as you journey through one of life's greatest transitions, from college to the world of work.

What are your Strengths?
What are your Weaknesses?
What are your Best-Fit work situations?
What Challenges will you personally face and overcome during this life transition?

Your individualized eCF CollegeToCareer Personal Style Inventory Report (18-22 pages) will help you obtain answers to these questions.

The Transition from College to the Real World
As someone who is preparing to graduate from college and presumably enter the workforce, you are about to undergo a major life transition. This is above all a time of personal change and discontinuity. You are about to leave the stable world of college, which is a familiar and often reassuring place where you know the ropes, have an established set of friends, and have mastered the student role. By contrast, you are about to enter a more complex, wide-open world, where there is a lot of unfamiliar territory--where you must take on new roles, build new relationships, and create a foundation for your adult life. 

Your individualized eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Report gives you a picture, a snapshot, if you will, of yourself at this time in your life. Use the information contained here to help you look at yourself, consider your choices, and decide where you want to go from here. While this self-knowledge can be very useful in work-related choices (for example in considering what job to take or what kind of work environment in which you would function best), it can also inform your decisions in such areas as choosing a spouse, significant other, or someone to share a house or apartment with; managing friendships and social relationships; creating an optimal home environment; joining organizations, and leisure pursuits.  

Almost everybody has some trouble making the transition from college environment to the work world. While it is a time of personal growth and discovery, it is also a time of difficult choices, stress, and even personal crisis. Success in navigating your transition into a career calls for self-understanding. Your individualized eCF CollegeToCareer Personal Style Inventory Report can help you in several ways:

  • Sharpen your awareness of your personality strengths and weaknesses as you market your capabilities, enter new work roles, develop your skills, build new relationships, and establish yourself as an independent adult;

  • Guide you toward a career that fits your personality by capitalizing on your personal strengths and steering around your weaknesses;

  • Alert you to the unique challenges your personality brings to the transition, and to suggest ways to handle them by utilizing your personal strengths.

Here is an example of the graphic summary showing a moderate “Preference for Change” Orientation to the Future. Brief descriptions of all of the traits appear at the end of your eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Feedback Report. 







You value familiarity, predictability, and precedent and find comfort in stability, routine, and tradition. New tasks and new learning may be uninteresting or demanding for you.


You value new learning, change, and innovation and find motivation in novelty, variety, and possibilities for improvement. New tasks and new learning are stimulating and attractive to you.

Based on a 76-item Personal Style Inventory that has a solid research foundation, your eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Report is easily accessible online at any time. Immediately after completing the eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory, your eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Report is automatically available. The content of this report is geared specifically to your profile and is based on the following 10 traits:  





Preference for Stability


Preference for Change


Non-Work Centered






Emotionally Reactive


Emotionally Resilient

















Here is what your eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Report will provide:

Your personal strengths: Learn more about ways you can capitalize on your best features and characteristics.

Your personal weaknesses: Gain some insight on things about yourself that can impair your success in life or, even perhaps cause serious derailments.

Best-fit work situations: Where can you thrive and achieve your highest possible success?

Challenges in transition:  What do you need to watch out for—and prepare for—to make sure your transition process goes as smoothly as possible?

Feedback on How Your Scores Can Be Interpreted and insights on how you compare to other people.

Additional Readings: We offer a personalized list of books and links to educational websites that will be of interest to those of you who want to pursue additional investigation and self-exploration. The entries on this list are customized based on your own personal style traits.

The decisions you make today will make a huge impact on the course of your life for decades to come. Use your eCF CollegeToCareerFit Personal Style Inventory Report to help generate the insights you need to maximize your chance of making excellent choices at this stage in your life.

Books & Links
You may want to learn more about topics related to your feedback results through reading, exploration, and self-study. On certain online assessment products, eCF recommends the books (“Books”) and Internet sites (“Links”) for you, which are grouped by personal style trait dimension, and are based on your customized results for each of these personal style trait dimensions.


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