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eCF EntrepreneurIndex (www.EntrepreneurIndex.com)

The eCF EntrepreneurIndex is designed to evaluate the core traits that underlie success or failure in a small business or self-employment role. The EntrepreneurIndex provides comparative scores as well as a narrative interpretation to help you better understand what your scores mean for you.


Based on the following 12 behavioral traits, the EntrepreneurIndex interprets your scores and analyzes your results based on thousands of people who have started their own businesses or pursued self-employment. You can benefit from their accumulated knowledge by using your personalized EntrepreneurIndex Report (13-16 pages) to help you decide if this is the right life choice. And, if you do pursue this path in life, the EntrepreneurIndex is designed to help you understand which factors predict success, and which factors present personal challenges that must be addressed in this new venture.

Behavioral Traits Measured in the eCF EntrepreneurIndex:


Upbeat, positive outlook on life and work.

Emotional Resilience

Stable, hardy, emotionally resilient; able to handle work stress.


Belief that work success stems from personal initiative & effort.

Social Networking

Expanding one's business and social contacts by making connections through individuals.


Promoting one's self and product or service to others for business-related purposes.


Desire to outperform rivals for business-related purposes.

Goal Setting

Habit of setting clear business goals and objectives.

Work Drive

Willingness to work long hours if needed to meet deadlines.

Tolerance for Financial Insecurity

Ability to tolerate financial unpredictability.


Flexible; able to adjust work style to different situations.


Need for independence at work, including not having a boss.


Ability to work on projects until completed, and persevere despite setbacks.


Before you make a life changing decision to pass on the next great job offer and potentially put your financial stability at risk, take the eCF EntrepreneurIndex to determine your Predicted Potential Satisfaction and Predicted Potential for Success for being self-employed or starting your own business.


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