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eCF High School to College Career Fit (www.HighSchoolToCollegeFit.com)

The eCF HighSchoolToCollege Report is a one-of-a-kind report for young people who are going to pursue higher education after they graduate from high school.

All parents know that going to college represents a tremendous investment in a young personís future. Everyone wants the new college student to do well in school, have a great time, and mature into a successful professional; but, if bad decisions are made during this time period, valuable time is wasted, and a sizeable chunk of the parentsí savings for their childís education can be frittered away.

Most people look back on their early college experiences and admit that they wish they had been better prepared to make critical decisions. Why not get a head start and try to avoid getting sidetracked or trapped in bad choices by using the eCF HighSchoolToCollege Inventory to learn more about yourself? You will get a report that provides valuable insights to help you use personality strengths to increase the chances of a successful college experience. 

The eCF HighSchoolToCollege Report tells about your personality, including your personal strengths and weaknesses which focus on the fit between your personality and college experiences. It has direct implications for the many other decisions at this stage of your life:

  • Choosing a college environment that would be best for you.

  • Creating new social relationships in a totally new place.

  • Ideas for choosing roommates who will be most compatible with you.

  • Strategies for getting the most out of your classes.

  • Using your personality to help identify a suitable major and future career that fits well with your personality and style.

  • Managing homework assignments and group projects.

  • Balancing obligations to class work with opportunities for fun and excitement.

  • Understanding the type of professors that will provide the best learning experiences for you.

  • Using social experiences to foster healthy social development and test your leadership skills.

  • Anticipating and managing stress at college in a healthy way.

  • And more!

Based on decades of behavioral science research, the eCF HighSchoolToCollege Inventory has been in nationwide use for over 10 years. Thousands of people have taken it. A reliable measure of normal personality, the HighSchoolToCollege Report is well established and valid for recent American high school graduates.


Your eCF HighSchoolToCollege Report will display your score on 8 different dimensions and how you compare to similar people your age. The narrative portion of the report gives specific insights on your personal strengths, weaknesses, your best-fit college situations, and challenges in the transition to college.

Contact us today to learn how you or some lucky young person you know could benefit from the eCF HighSchoolToCollege Report.


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