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Multilingual Capability


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For organizations that believe in THINKING and ACTING GLOBALLY!

eCF’s multi-language, totally integrated language databases are a “First and Only to Market” work-related online assessment application. A manager in New York can take the eCF Personal Style Inventory for Managers in English and his cultural diversity coach in Paris could simultaneously review his eCF Personal Style Feedback Report online in French. An employee in Sao Paulo can take her eCF Personal Style Inventory for Individual Contributors in Portuguese and her manager in Milan could simultaneously review her eCF Personal Style Feedback Report in Italian.

The unique attribute of eCF’s multilingual capability is that a person can view feedback in "any language choice", after taking his or her assessment in the language of their choice. This is valuable in situations where a coach, mentor, or manager might wish to view the person’s feedback in a language of their choice, no matter what language was used to take the assessment.

Language versions of the eCF Manager, eCF Individual Contributor and Job/Career/Life Satisfaction assessments include:

eCF Personal Style Inventory Manager Individual Contributor Coaching Guide
Dimensions Measured 14 13 n/a
English International Yes Yes Yes
English American Yes Yes Yes
French Canadian Yes Yes Yes
French European Yes Yes Yes
German Yes Yes Yes
Italian Yes Yes Yes
Japanese Yes Yes 2006
Portuguese Brazilian Yes Yes 2006
Spanish, Latin American Yes Yes 2006

Obverse, Western Hemisphere Key

Reverse, Western Hemisphere Key

Future language versions to include:

Special Note: Visitors to eCF’s website via non-United States Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) domain names (i.e., www.eCareerFit.de) will see the ‘suffix host country’s’ primary language or International English appear as the initial language choice setting. International users should feel free to bookmark the URL of their choice in their browsers, and note that the suffixed URL of their choice can be used for marketing and distribution purposes.

Belgium ecareerfit.be
Canada ecareerfit.ca
Denmark ecareerfit.dk
Germany ecareerfit.de
Japan ecareerfit.jp
New Zealand ecareerfit.co.nz
Phillipines ecareerfit.ph
South Africa ecareerfit.co.za
United Kingdom ecareerfit.co.uk
United Nations ecareerfit.ws
United States ecareerfit.us

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