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Adam W. Drost, President
Adamís entrepreneurial leadership style energizes fast-paced, innovative product development and profitable revenue growth. His core competencies in executive leadership, new business development, sales and marketing are grounded in 25 years of experience with IBM, The John H. Harland Company and Norrell Corporation. Previous senior management positions in the HR Services industry include Director of National/Global Accounts at Norrell and President of the Internet Enterprise Group at DBM. Adam is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, with a BS in Mathematics and minor in Psychology. He has completed MBA work at Loyola University and participates in numerous community organizations including Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society and the Peter F. Drucker Foundation.

John W. Lounsbury, Ph.D., IP Leader
A licensed Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and Fellow in the American Psychological Association, Dr. Lounsbury has been a driving force in the development and validation of the eCF inventory and feedback materials. Over the past 20 years, he has stayed in touch with leaders in the business world to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs for employee development. The outstanding research base, upon which the eCF products are grounded, come largely from Dr. Lounsbury's research and statistical efforts. He has been a Full Professor of Psychology at the University of Tennessee for over 25 years, teaching doctoral-level courses and publishing scholarly articles in a variety of applied psychology areas.

Mark D. Stevens, IT Leader

Mark brings over 20 years as a technologist to the eCF team. His experience in software development, usability and human factors contribute to make the online experience enjoyable and easy to use. His extensive experience, including all aspects of both hardware and software platforms, web programming and design, and database management, have come from career posts at Fannie Mae, the National Cable Television Association, and as a consultant to the United States Navy.


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