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eCF products and services are rendered through the company’s ten primary production websites:


eCF maintains its master database, the primary production websites, the program code and content on a dedicated primary server located in the southwestern United States. eCF maintains a back-up (load-balancing) dedicated server with a real-time replicated database (and programming code) in a northeastern United States location. Additional, non-production server back-up with a real-time replicated database (and programming code) is maintained in the southeastern United States. All assessment inventories and personalized feedback reports require a unique ID and Password to access and review.

All eCF sites are totally integrated with a globally unique multi-language functionality. For example, a manager in New York City can be reviewing her personalized feedback report in English while her diversity coach in Japan can be simultaneously reviewing the same report in Japanese. An individual contributor in Montreal can be reviewing his report in French while his manager in Sao Paulo could be simultaneously reviewing the same report in Brazilian Portuguese.


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